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Mitch Harris, PhD

Mitch Harris, PhD, is the clinical director for NW Family, Salt Lake City. He is a licensed clinical psychologist who provides clinical and forensic services to children, adolescents, and adults. Clinical treatment services incorporate evidence based, cognitive behavioral treatment (CBT) and skills training for anxiety, depression, and chronic mental health conditions that are not responding to other forms of treatment, as well as traditional psychological evaluations (e.g., ADHD, learning disabilities, mood disorders, etc.).

Steve Tutty, PhD

Dr. Tutty has evaluated and treated over 1,000 children, adolescents, and young adults that have struggled with academic (e.g., learning disabilities, dyslexia), emotional (e.g., anxiety, depression), behavioral (e.g., oppositional defiance, borderline personality, psychosis), and neurological (e.g., traumatic brain injury) challenges since 1996.

Chaise Marie Gies, M.S

Chaise Marie Gies, M.S., has worked in the psychology and military field for several years, ultimately earning a Master’s degree in Forensic Psychology. Chaise’s clinical expertise provides her with a strong understanding of how individuals develop conditions, such as anxiety (e.g., PTSD, panic) and depression (e.g., bipolar illness, dysthymia), as well as the coping strategies (e.g., video games, substance abuse, procrastination, social avoidance, etc.) that often turns into rigid daily habits.

Justin Stum, MS. LMFT

Mr. Stum holds a masters degree (MA) in marriage and family therapy (LMFT). He began treating adolescents and adults in a therapeutic capacity in 2001, providing guidance and evidence based counseling to help restore their relationships to lead healthy fulfilling lives.