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Our families encounter many different struggles, many of which require outside aid and support to resolve. Oftentimes, it becomes difficult to find someone capable of providing the kind of care that your family really needs.

That’s why at NW Family Psychology Portland offices, we have put together a large team of compassionate care providers with rich and diverse experience in serving both families and individuals who have some of the most exacting psychological and legal needs.

We take seriously the responsibility to provide psychological evaluations, consultation, and intervention services to adults, adolescents, and children in transition. We are dedicated to quality service that helps you find resolution as quickly as possible.

We are all trained in the scientist-practitioner model, and use empirically supported treatment interventions and assessment to ensure we provide assessment conclusions that are all based on scientific evidence rather than pure opinions of our psychologists.

Our unique model involving working as a team on every assessment also ensures the assessments we provide are rich and informed by the expertise of multiple psychologists rather than the sole opinion of a single professional.

It’s our firm belief that through this unique approach we can reach valid conclusions, reduce bias, and ensure proper diagnosis.