Dianah Jackson, LMFT

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Dianah specializes in counseling with teenagers and their parents/caregivers. Her clinical background includes helping teenagers align themselves with sound personal values through emotional awareness and expression. She also helps adults negotiate the turbulent waters of adolescence, as they are part of her therapeutic process give the direct role they play in the life of their son and/or daughter.

Dianah also counsels couples and families through a variety of life-stages, helping them find well-being in their changing roles. Dedicated to working through the entire therapeutic process with you and those you love, Dianah creates a time and place for couples and families to explore their challenges and find acceptance, appreciation, and gratitude for each family member. She believes that acceptance in the face of struggle and transformation is the first step for change and healing. Dianah offers clear and compassionate guidance to clients in support of their efforts to become gentle, kind witnesses of themselves and others. Dianah’s primary therapeutic modality is narrative therapy, and she integrates the principles and practice of mindful self-compassion in her counseling practice.

Prior to becoming a psychotherapist, Dianah worked as an educator for over twenty-five years at the university and high school level. Her long-time passion for teaching literature brings her insight into the stories that inform the human longing for connection as well as the individual need for narrative expression.