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Chaise Marie Gies, M.S

Forensic Psychology/Educational Placement

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Chaise Marie Gies, M.S., has worked in the psychology and military field for several years, ultimately earning a Master’s degree in Forensic Psychology. Chaise’s clinical expertise provides her with a strong understanding of how individuals develop conditions, such as anxiety (e.g., PTSD, panic) and depression (e.g., bipolar illness, dysthymia), as well as the coping strategies (e.g., video games, substance abuse, procrastination, social avoidance, etc.) that often turns into rigid daily habits.

Chaise is passionate in working with struggling youth and young adults, and their families, in helping them unlock their true potential and apply it effectively over time. This often begins with the psychometric testing phase of our intake program, and Chaise plays an integral role in this step. In addition, Chaise provides ongoing weekly support to families and primary therapists from admission to graduation, as well as provides consultation to parents and their children on after-care steps to ensure the clinical gains continue across their development.