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Is it a Tantrum or Meltdown?

September 18, 2018 | nwfamilypsychology

Is it a Tantrum or Meltdown

Throwing a tantrum. Pitching a fit. Having a meltdown. Whatever your family may call it, many families struggle through periods of explosive behavior in their children. Parents are shocked and dismayed when their little one, usually so happy, starts to bite, kick and scream at the smallest things. Depending on your own experience during childhood, […]

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IECA Education Consulting Conference

September 11, 2018 | nwfamilypsychology

IECA Education Consulting Conference – 11/07/18 – Los Angeles

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INS Neuro Psychology Conference

| nwfamilypsychology

INS Neuro Psychology Conference – 02/2019 – New York

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NW Family opens SLC office

September 10, 2018 | nwfamilypsychology

We have opened a new location in Salt Lake City! 3115 East Lion Lane, Suite 160, Holladay, UT, 84121 Office opens 8/15 For more info, please visit :

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What are Executive Functions?

April 24, 2018 | nwfamilypsychology

What are Executive Functions

You may have heard the term “executive functioning” among parents, teachers, and seen it on the internet. It may seem like a new trend, but actually, psychologists and neuropsychologists have been studying and finding ways to measure these skills for decades. So what are executive functions? They are a group of highly interrelated skills that […]

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Returning to Civilian Life after Serving in the Military

October 23, 2017 | nwfamilypsychology

Returning to Civilian Life

Returning to civilian life after serving in the military can be challenging for many people. Serving to protect our country places a person in unique situations that can be stressful, traumatic, difficult to forget, and often different from what most civilians experience in a lifetime. Some veterans who return home may find it easy to […]

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Fight, Flight, or Freeze

August 4, 2017 | nwfamilypsychology

We all deal with stress from the moment the alarm goes off to the time our head reaches the pillow at night. Stress is around us 24-7 – even our dreams can be stressful! It is one of those experiences that can build up over time, or hit us in a flash from an unexpected […]

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Putting Yourself Back in the Driver’s Seat

June 7, 2017 | nwfamilypsychology

Putting Yourself Back in the Driver’s Seat

As a psychologist, I am fascinated by the perplexity of human behavior, especially when we do things that don’t help us or those we love. The truth is, a great deal of the things we do (and don’t do) on a moment-by-moment basis are completely outside our immediate consciousness. These autopilot actions involve a cognitive […]

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Faulty Cognition: Can your thoughts be the link to your struggles

Our Cognition is our thought process and our thoughts have EVERYTHING to do with our feeling and doing (behaviors). Changing one’s way of thinking in order to change how we feel and the choices we make can be challenging. Our cognition is created over time through what we are told or shown in our environment. […]

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Adjusting to major life changes, such as moving to a new community, starting a new job, transferring to a new school, etc., can be very difficult to adjust to and keep your head above water. Even when changes are good ones, such as starting a new relationship, landing that promotion at work, a birth of […]

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Getting ready for your childs IEP meeting

A reminder from our school psychologist, Dr. Fowler For parents of students who receive special education (SPED) services through their local school district, annual meetings to discuss your child’s Individualized Education Plan (IEP) can feel monotonous and unimportant. In fact, the accuracy and appropriateness of the IEP is vitally important – it might be the […]

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